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ESBB meeting Oct 2014
Oct 2014

Membership to international Biorepository bodies is key to keep obtaining and maintaining international standards. These meetings are also key for dissemination of current progress in Biorepository management and science.

In October 2014, Two Biorepository Staff members Dr. Samuel Kyobe(Coordinator) and Newton Lwanga(IT Personnel) attended the 4th ESBB annual meeting in Leipzig, Germany. The IBRH3AU showcased its development of the Mobile SPREC App at this meeting. The development received a lot of attention and feedback especially about its need in improving global biobanking and harmonization of collections.

Several technologies were on showcase; the IBRH3AU was very interested in temperature monitoring systems. We have evaluated a wireless web-based temperature monitoring system by Tetula Monitoring Systems. This system has the potential to reduce the current clatter that is associated with various wiring systems.