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Mobile SPREC.
Expected 2015

Background: Biospecimens stored in biorepositories are a representation of and contain implicit information about the real world. However, it is important that researchers using archived Biospecimens understand the modifiable variables associated with the life of the Biospecimens. SPREC provides avenues through which modifiable preanalytical variables can be documented using widely available technology.

It is envisaged that the application of SPREC will facilitate a more effective interbiorepository and intrabiorepository biospecimen use by researchers using Biospecimens from different biorepositories for common research as anticipated within the H3Africa Consortium. However, there are limited applications that can be deployed virtually everywhere to facilitate researchers with tools to document these preanalytical variables in real-time.

Objective: To develop a mobile-based application for documenting SPREC coded preanalytical variables in real-time.

Results: A model-application has been developed with user-login security features, sample-variable tracking, and inventory management options among other functions. The application utilizes limited internet bandwidth to enable its deployment to any mobile device with network connectivity.

Recommendation: The biorepositories and researchers will enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in collection and documentation of biospecimen preanalytical variables by adopting the mobile SPREC application.

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