IBRH3AU Available Policies

IBRH3AU Biorepository has established policies and procedures required to ensure that;

  • The highest ethical and privacy standards are maintained by all persons collecting and handling biospecimens
  • The Biospecimens are obtained and stored in a manner to preserve quality
  • Researchers have fair and equitable access to materials/specimens

The IBRH3AU Executive Committee has developed and customised policy documents, IBRH3AU Quality report 2014, a Quality Management System (QMS), Biological Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), H3 Africa BioRepository Deposit MTA, and Ethics Legal and Social Implications manual.

Available Developed Policies at IBRH3AU Date Last Updated
1 H3Africa Material transfer Agreement(MTA) 2014-01-29 Download
2 H3 Africa BioRepository Deposit MTA 2015-03-04 Download
3 IBRH3AU Risk Management Policy 2015-03-05 Download
4 IBRH3AU Governance Policy 2015-03-05 Download
5 IBRH3AU Document and Records Policy 2015-03-05 Download
6 IBRH3AU Education and Training Policy 2015-03-05 Download
7 IBRH3AU Ethics and Regulatory Issues 2015-03-05 Download
8 IBRH3AU Information Handling Policy 2015-03-05 Download
9 IBRH3AU Material Handling Policy 2015-03-05 Download
10 IBRH3AU Occupational Health and Safety Policy 2015-03-05 Download
11 IBRH3AU Qualiy management Poliy 2015-03-05 Download