Data and Resource Sharing and Release Plan

IBRH3AU is very committed and will abide by the NIH and H3Africa Consortium data and resource policy that is being developed. Given the principal that the H3Africa Biospecimen and Data Access Committee (BDAC) do not supersede national laws, we have developed a plan to involve the country in regulating data and biospecimen access and release. The independent IBRH3AU ELSI committee will handle national oversight for the approval of distribution of biospecimens. The National oversight will operate alongside the central H3Africa BDAC. The process of access to IBRH3AU resources has been developed during Phase I and operates as follows. Researchers will have access to services and available de-identified biospecimens through this website portal after filling a request form, also Download Material transfer Agreements (MTA)

Researchers are required to provide evidence of expertise to perform the proposed research, appropriate ethical clearance and approvals, and sufficient funds to see the research through to completion. Upon receipt of this request and the approval from the BDAC, a management meeting will be convened within 3 working days to decide on issues in the application such as completeness of application, ascertaining availability of the biospecimens.

H3Africa Consortium Data Release Policy

The H3Africa Initiative is committed to providing research data generated by the H3Africa research projects to the entire research community. The data to be released includes genomic and phenotypic data from properly consented individuals. H3Africa will initially prioritise collaboration of genotypic and phenotypic data within the consortium before releasing the data to wider scientific community.  In compliance with current international standards to protect participant’s identification, the H3Africa-generateddatawill be available to qualified researchers within the wider scientific community through a controlled access process at the European Genotype-phenotype Archive (EGA).

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