Our Objectives

  1. Setting up a frame work for a state-of-the-art biorepository in Africa and Uganda
  2. Developing capacity for fresh tissue biobanking and creation of cell lines in Africa.
  3. Developing the local expertise in biorepository operations.
  4. Demonstrating feasibility of biobanking and biorepository activities in Uganda

Core Values

  1. Identify problems in the biobanking field and provide solutions.
  2. Encourage high professional standards in biobanking.
  3. Provide high value membership services for key actors in the biobanking field.
  4. Encourage participation from a wide range of repositories across the region.
  5. Provide a strong united voice for biobankers in the region, to influence development of their field.
  6. Partner with other organizations involved with, or related to biobanking.
  7. Encourage and support public-private biobank-related partnerships
  8. Promote stakeholder support for biobanking