Dr. Misaki Wayengera is a medical doctor with graduate training in Immunology, Vaccinology, Clinical Microbiology, Filovirology and Genetics. He is a member of the African Society for Human Genetics (AfSHG) & inaugural chair of the H3Africa Consortium’s Education and Coordinated Working Group (ECTWG, 2013-2016). In 2017, he was a fellow of the U.S NHGRI’s International Summit in Human Genetics and Genomics.

Dr. Wayengera completed his PhD (2018) with a Thesis titled: Exploration of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Thyimidylate kinase B cell epitopes as sero-diagnostic and culture biomarkers for rapid and easy detection of Tuberculosis [NIH/Forgarty]. His research interests center on Pathogen OMICS, with the goal of identifying new molecular targets for R & D of new diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines. He is an innovator (filed 3 PCTs at URSB, ARIPO and WIPO: Ebola RDT, HIV-1 Gene Therapeutic, and next Gen TB Diagnostics), and Bio-Entrepreneur (Founder & CSO, Start-up: Restrizymes Biotherapeutics ‘U’ LTD).

Alphonsus Neba holds a PhD in Biotechnology from Rhodes University in South Africa and several other degrees, including BSc Hons in Microbiology, MSc in Env Biotechnology and Masters in Information Sciences. He also holds professional certificates in Patent Drafting, Innovation Readiness and Converting Technology to Wealth from various institutions including the University of Texas at Austin in the US. He is currently the Deputy Programmes Director at the African Academy of Sciences (The AAS) and also Programme Manager for DELTAS Africa. Prior to joining The AAS, Alphonsus was Assistant Director for Research Commercialization and Technology Transfer at the University of Botswana, and also Acting Assistant Director for Funding and Grants Management.

As Assistant Director for Research Commercialization and Technology Transfer, he was charged with developing and implementing a system for managing the University’s Intellectual Property, including developing and implementing relevant policies, guidelines and a strategy for identifying, protecting and commercializing Intellectual Property arising from the University’s research activities.

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